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Coming in 2020 from Infamous Quests

Quest for Infamy: Roehm to Ruin

The exciting prequel to 2014's award winning Role Playing Adventure Game, Quest for Infamy.  Roehm to Ruin follows one Mr. Roehm on the fateful night in the Baron's Castle before he fled to the Valley of Krasna.  Find out what really happened that night with the Baron.

Multiple paths and endings possible. Find lots of hidden secrets and special bonuses!

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There is no "Buy now" button here on the game page, even though there is a price shown when I go to the "Infamous Quests" itch.io page... I would like to buy it, but I can't.

I am from Moscow, Moscow City, Russian Federation and I CAN NOT buy patreon from Paypal via Euro! Please, add this Method and correspond Me via sytsky1111@yandex.ru